WVBankPAC is the political action committee of the West Virginia Bankers Association bringing together bankers from all over the State of West Virginia with the common goal of identifying and supporting state legislative candidates who understand the critical role that banks play in job creation, small business growth, and economic development. WVBankPAC supports candidates who are committed to implementing sound public policy aimed at creating and preserving a robust financial services marketplace in West Virginia. 

If you and your organization are interested in participating in WVBankPAC, please return the completed authorization form to Brad Witt (bwitt@wvbankers.org). After receipt and processing of your completed WVBankPAC authorization, WVBankers will provide you the WVBankPAC Campaign Support Packet to assist you in organizing and implementing an effective political action campaign within your institution. 

The WVBankPAC is affiliated the American Bankers Association Political Action Committee, ABA BankPac, which is the nation’s largest banking industry specific PAC with a primary goal of electing pro-banking decision makers in Congress WVBankPAC makes a PAC to PAC contribution to the ABA BankPAC’s federal campaign activities each year.

What is WVBankPAC?
WVBankPAC is a nonpartisan, nonprofit political action committee organized by the members of the West Virginia Bankers Association. It combines resources to financially support candidates who support the banking industry’s interests and issues.  Few other industries are as heavily regulated as the banking industry; therefore, it is crucial that candidates be elected who support our banking system and a free and competitive marketplace. Members of WVBankers must be politically involved so that your voice is heard.

Why should I participate in WVBankPAC?
WVBankPAC is a great way for you to participate in the political process in a consistent and positive manner on behalf of the state’s banking industry. The WVBankPAC solicits personal contributions from the exempt employees and directors of member banks of the WVBankers. The WVBankers Political Action Committee identifies deserving candidates based upon their understanding and support for our industry and the challenges we face. We carefully consider a candidate’s prior voting record, legislative committee assignments, proven leadership skills, and political acumen

What do I need to do?
WVBankPAC needs your signature on the authorization form below before we can conduct fundraising among your eligible bank officers, directors and employees. To eliminate having to fill out an authorization card on a yearly basis, you may authorize a solicitation campaign within your bank over the next five years by placing your signature next to the year(s) you wish to designate your approval

When will the campaign take place? 
After WVBankPAC receives your signed authorization, you will receive solicitation materials to assist you in conducting a successful campaign. WVBankPAC will not contact your employees directly. Contributions will be accepted at any time, but the solicitation should be concentrated during the months of March - June. All contributions must be received by July 1st to receive recognition at Convention.