Boards, Committees and Task Forces

Part of WVBankers’ core mission is to provide members with premier financial services opportunities in continuing education, industry advocacy, and member networking and engagement. Our mission is made possible through the dedication of the men and women who serve as Association volunteers.

Committees are integral to the work of WVBankers and allow the Association to stay abreast of leading industry news, emerging trends and other current affairs relevant to the banking industry. Volunteer knowledge and expertise guide the Association and provide greater opportunity to all our members.

2023 WVBankers Committee & Task Force Meeting Schedule


Audit Committee: Responsible for oversight of the Association’s financial reporting process, annual review of the Association’s expenditures, selection of independent auditor, and receipt of reviewed financial statements.

Board of Trustees of the West Virginia School of Banking: Operates the West Virginia School of Banking for the purposes of acquainting bankers with the laws, rules and regulations applicable to banking, principles of commercial banking and banking related activities, trends in the banking industry, financial analysis, basic management principles, and such other subjects as may be deemed appropriate from time-to-time by the Board. Members of the Board should be familiar with the program and be a graduate of the school.

Employee Compensation and Benefits Committee: Oversees the investment strategy and financial responsibilities of the Association’s frozen defined benefit pension plan and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors to reduce the Association’s risk profile and financial burden. Also responsible for overseeing other employee benefits, including life, health, and other insurance products, as well as salary advancements and/or bonuses.

Executive Committee: Consist of the Chairman, Chairman-elect, Vice Chairman and the most recent immediate past Chairman still active in banking in West Virginia and is responsible for reviewing major issues facing the Association and making preliminary decisions for discussion and voting at the next full board meeting.

Legislative and Government Relations Committee: Considers federal, state and local statutes and proposed statutes affecting the members of the Association, and promotes the enactment of legislation that it believes beneficial to the banking industry and the general public and opposes the enactment of legislation that it believes inimical to the banking industry and the general public.

Nominating Committee: Consists of the Chairman, Chairman-elect and the four most recent past Chairmen still active in banking in West Virginia and is responsible for nominating a suitable candidate for every elective office to be filled at the annual meeting of the members.


Bank Counsels Consortium: Provides a forum for members of the legal profession providing services to member banks to discuss regulatory and legal issues facing the industry. Participation is by invitation only and solely at the discretion of WVBankers (bank members who employee in-house counsel are exempt from this provision).

Business Continuity and Vendor Management Taskforce: Serves as a resource for member banks by providing helpful tools and information to their business continuity/disaster preparedness personnel, which may be useful in preparing for disaster events that could impact lives, property and the environment caused by natural and manmade hazards.

Future Leaders Council: Fosters personal and professional development of emerging and future leaders in West Virginia’s banking industry.  Members support the overall mission of WVBankers, serving as advocates for the industry as well as promoting financial literacy through working with youth in West Virginia.

Information Technology and Operations Committee: Provides a forum and a framework for discussion and communication of technological and operational matters in bringing about improved banking practices and methods of operation and administration.
Lending Leadership Committee: Identifies important issues and trends affecting lending personnel and communicates these matters in order to enhance lending opportunities and professional development to the Association’s members. 

Trust Committee: Provides for sound banking practices in the operation of a Trust Department through the accumulation, dissemination and discussion of information relating to the execution of trusts and the acceptance of trust business to enable such institutions to better serve the needs of their communities.  

WVBankPAC Committee: Governs the Association’s non-partisan Political Action Committee, to enhance the value of Association membership by providing financial support to state and federal elected officials whose views and positions on banking issues are compatible with the interests of the banking industry. See our Voter Voice page.

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