Grassroots Advocacy and Direct Banker Engagement - VoterVoice is the WVBankers legislative action resource center designed as a comprehensive grassroots advocacy tool for anyone who supports a robust banking industry! Through VoterVoice our users can engage in our active issues campaigns by contacting their elected representatives in Charleston or Washington D.C. VoterVoice also puts legislative news and information at our user’s fingertips making meaningful grassroots advocacy easy and convenient! 

Download VoterVoice from the App Store or Google Play. Please select Allow to receive mobile notifications. Enter your work email address to Log In. You will receive a verification code via email from VoterVoice. Click the link in your email or enter the code that you receive on your smartphone or tablet. When the Find Organization screen appears enter West Virginia Bankers Association and click on our organization to link to the WVBA's VoterVoice Grassroots Advocacy information.