West Virginia Bankers Association Announces 2020 Primary Election WVBankPAC Candidate Endorsements

Press Release/April 23, 2020


Charleston, WV – WVBankPAC, the political action committee of the West Virginia Bankers Association (WVBankers) announced candidate endorsements for the 2020 West Virginia Primary Election. WVBankPAC is committed to identifying legislative candidates based on their support for the banking industry and economic growth and development in West Virginia.  

“Our banks are the economic keystone of the communities that they serve, and these candidates have demonstrated a fundamental understanding of the importance of a robust financial services marketplace,” said Sally Cline, WVBankers President and CEO. “They understand that our financial institutions are best suited to identify and serve the needs of their communities and they are committed to ensuring that safe and sound banking in West Virginia remains unimpeded by irrational and overly restrictive laws and regulations.”  


WVBankPAC endorsed the following candidates: 


WV State Senate

District 1          Ryan Weld 
District 3          Donna Boley 
District 4          Mitch Carmichael 
District 6          Chandler Swope 
District 9          Sue Cline                  
District 11        John Pitsenbarger 
District 14        Randy Smith 
District 15        Craig Blair 
District 16        Patricia Rucker 
District 17        Eric Nelson 


WV House of Delegates

District 3          Erikka Storch 
District 5          Dave Pethtel 
District 7          Trenton Barnhart 
District 8          Bill Anderson 
District 10        Vernon Criss 
District 10        John Kelly 
District 11        Mark Atkinson 
District 12        Steve Westfall 
District 13        Joshua Higgenbotham 
District 14        Johnnie Wamsley, II 
District 15        Geoff Foster 
District 17        Chad Lovejoy 
District 17        Matthew Rohrbach 
District 21        Zach Maynard 
District 29        Brandon Steele 
District 32        Kayla Kessinger 
District 33        Roger Hanshaw                   
District 35        Moore Capito 
District 35        Larry Pack 
District 35        Chris Stansbury 
District 35        Doug Skaff 
District 42        Jeff Campbell 
District 43        Bill Hartman 
District 47        Chris Phillips 
District 48        Danny Hamrick 
District 48        Ben Queen 
District 49        Amy Summers 
District 52        Terri Sypolt 
District 54        John Hott 
District 56        Gary Howell 
District 57        Ruth Rowan 
District 58        Daryl Cowles 
District 64        Eric Householder 
District 66        Paul Espinosa 




The West Virginia Bankers Association, founded in 1891 and headquartered in Charleston, represents the state’s financial institutions and their employees. The Association provides continuing education, develops and monitors state and federal legislative agendas, distributes information on all components of the financial industry, and promotes the public image of West Virginia’s banking industry. The mission of WVBankers is to represent and support its members, enabling them to provide a full range of quality financial products and services to benefit the communities they serve.

For more information, please contact Loren Allen, WVBankers General Counsel/Director of Government Relations at lallen@wvbankers.org