W.Va. AG: Be Alert for Scam Calls


W.Va. AG: Be Alert for Scam Calls

CHARLESTON — The West Virginia Attorney General's Office urges senior citizens to safeguard personal information and be alert for potential scams when receiving telephone calls.

When answering the phone, seniors can follow these tips to protect their information:

  • Do not answer an unrecognized number. Spoofing technology allows callers to misrepresent their true location by calling from what appears to be a local or in-state number.
  • Verify the authenticity of the recipient before handing over personal or sensitive information. Scammers can easily impersonate legitimate agencies.
  • Keep in mind scammers may pose as their own manager or call back claiming to be someone else.
  • Intimidation tactics are often used by scammers. Be wary when a caller threatens legal action such as police being called or lawsuits being filed if payment is not made immediately. There must be evidence of wrongdoing to support criminal charges or a lawsuit.
  • Don’t wire money. It’s like cash — once it’s gone, it can’t be returned. This is especially true with foreign entities.
  • Frequently check credit and bank statements to catch any fraudulent purchases.

Are you interested in hosting a group presentation or know someone in need of help? Call the Attorney General’s Senior Services and Elder Abuse Hotline at 304-558-1155 or HelpForSeniors@wvago.gov.


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