Compliance Alliance Q&A 10/30/2018

Question: I pulled a flood certification in which there is one parcel of land but multiple, nonresidential buildings on that piece of land. The provider did not include a schedule of the buildings. All the buildings are in a flood zone, and the provider sent an aerial view of all the buildings in the flood zone, which is attached to the determination. There will only be one policy and not a separate policy per building. Is an aerial view sufficient, or do I need a schedule in order to proceed?


Answer: In this situation you are going to either need a separate form per building or a schedule that separately lists all the buildings and their determinations. It is not sufficient to only have an aerial view.

MULTIPLE BUILDINGS: If the loan collateral includes more than one building, a schedule for the additional buildings/mobile homes indicating the determination for each may be attached. Otherwise, a separate form must be completed for each building or mobile home.

FEMA, SFHDF Instructions, p. 3:


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