Asset Liability Management and Investments

Wed. Apr. 17 - 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM
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Managing Interest Rate Risk, Liquidity & Performance in a Rising Rate

Environment With the Federal Reserve in the middle of its first tightening cycle in more than a decade, finding a balance between interest rate risk, liquidity and performance have never been more critical. You can improve your liquidity position by holding a lot of cash, but performance suffers. You can increase performance with long-term fixed rate assets, but you may have to take on significant IRR to get there. Managing any one of these issues in isolation is easy, but managing all three simultaneously is a challenge that all community banks must face. This session will explore the unique relationship between IRR, liquidity, and performance and give you specific ideas about how to manage all three simultaneously.


Topics will include:

  • Economic Landscape, Market Update & Fed Policy Outlook
  • What the highest performing banks do well to get to the top and stay there
  • Interest Rate Risk, Liquidity and Balance Sheet Strategies
  • Best practices for complying with the heightened regulatory scrutiny on liquidity risk management
  • Strategies to more effectively manage liquidity without sacrificing performance
  • Managing extension and price volatility with effective security selection

Each attendee will receive a custom packet for their Institution which will include bank-specific performance data and peer group comparison, non-maturity deposit analysis, surge balance study, and a liquidity stress test.

Event Type: On Location