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ABA Training is a comprehensive source for training and education available through the American Bankers Association (ABA) or previously through the American Institute of Banking (AIB). All AIB courses, certificates, diplomas and more are now part of ABA Training and are brought to you through the WVBankers, your Local ABA Training Provider.

ABA Training includes extensive learning opportunities suited to specific job roles, in both facilitated and self-paced online formats, as well as in person. Online training delivers unmatched content that meets the needs of today’s learners and the changing demographics of the banking industry.  As an additional option, banks and areas may offer, through the West Virginia Bankers Association, live training using ABA materials.  Many courses meet the requirements for the ABA Professional Certifications or continuing education credits.

Flexible and cost-effective, ABA’s online training opportunities are continually updated to provide a superior learning experience that can be accessed from anywhere, at any time.  For more information on these educational resources, contact Amanda D. Cunningham at 304-343-8838 or 800-343-8038. 

The West Virginia Bankers Association is your Local ABA Training Provider.

If you would like a class in your area contact acunningham@wvbankers.org.




Facilitated Online Training Courses

These courses are delivered in an online classroom environment where students are guided through the course together but work independently on their own assignments. Facilitated online courses offer banking-specific content supported by:

  • A connected, collaborative community of learners
  • Experienced instructors with banking expertise
  • Exercises and exams to validate your understanding
  • A flexible weekly schedule with no set day or time to be online

Click here and indicate member or non-member.   Browse for course titles, descriptions and dates, and/or to enroll and pay with your credit card.  If you prefer WVBankers to invoice you or your bank, please complete this form and scan to acunningham@wvbankers.org or fax to 304-343-9749.  Facilitated online class schedule. 

ABA Self Paced eLearning

These courses offer the greatest flexibility in skill-building and practical application, as they are independent study and include real-life practice scenarios.  Self-paced online courses offer:

  • Rich interactivities in mobile-ready courses
  • Frequent self-checks to measure comprehension
  • Built-in tools and job aids to support ongoing learning

Click here and indicate member or non-member.  Browse for course titles and descriptions, and/or to enroll and pay with your credit card.  If you prefer WVBankers to invoice you or your bank, please complete this form and scan to acunningham@wvbankers.org or fax to 304-343-9749.

ABA Briefings

Briefings include streaming audio over the Internet so all you need is a computer and a pad of paper. (Audio over the telephone can be provided as an alternative.) Please check back often; new briefings are always being added.

Stay on top of current industry issues without leaving your desk. Attend an expert-led virtual discussion in subject areas ranging from compliance to retail marketing and wealth management. Simply click HERE to register.

2019 Briefings Calendar:






Questions? Please contact Amanda Cunningham at acunningham@wvbankers.org 

ABA Diplomas & Certificates

For more than 100 years, bankers have taken advantage of ABA certificate and diploma programs to prepare for careers in banking and to enhance the skills and knowledge they already possess.  Certificates build the skills necessary for a specific position in the bank and can be taken entirely online as a certificate curriculum.  Diplomas provide broader and more in-depth coverage of banking as a profession.  Important Notice!  Diplomas were discontinued as of December 31, 2017. The diplomas have been replaced with certificates that will have titles that are similar to the old diplomas.

For a complete description of each course, follow this link and indicate member or non-member.

Once you have completed all the courses for the certificate, complete the worksheet and email Amanda or request a transcript.  After verification, you will be notified to mail a check for $25.00 to WVBankers, 3601 MacCorkle Ave. SE., Suite 100, Charleston WV  25304 and your certificate will be ordered.

In-Bank Training

For information regarding in-bank training, contact Amanda Cunningham at 304-343-8838 or 800-343-8038. 

ABA Textbooks and Reference Training

ABA textbooks support the ABA training curriculum.  They are used in the delivery of some facilitated online courses and can be used to deliver training in your bank.  Contact Amanda Cunningham for ordering materials or for structuring classes in your bank or area.  

ABA License Pricing

Have ten or more of your employees to take specific classes/certificates/diplomas?  Contact Amanda Cunningham to get a quote on license pricing.  You'll be surprised at how much this will save you!

Professional Certifications

Certification List